Daryl Worcester Biography


Daryl D. Worcester was born in June, 1958. He was the third child of Jesse Lea Worcester and Ethel Inez Hicks Worcester. Immediately after birth, Inez died. Jesse Lea Worcester then married Marie Custine in 1959. Growing up with one full blooded brother and sister, one half sister and one half brother, and three step brothers meant there was hardly a dull moment in the home. As the baby of the family, Daryl grew up with an abundance of instruction and hand-me-downs.

His father, a contractor, had provided very well for the family. Marie had raised all of the children with the belief that Jesus is Lord and so going to church was not a question as we grew up. Her strong faith stood firm through many trials and developed a strong dependence in the Lord of Hosts to guide and protect all of us. Spending many hours at the Church with the other youth, Daryl was baptized at the age of 14. He developed a love for God which would never leave him even in his darkest trials of life.

Daryl makes his living primarily as a contractor, like his father before him. In the year 2000, he married Kandy Kay Wilcox. They love working and sharing their lives together. Kandy, with a heart for everything living, is a surgery nurse at the local hospital. They both love to pamper their animals. With the cats, dogs, and chickens, Daryl and Kandy live life to the fullest in what God provides. And with what the western Kansas lifestyle can bring.

Daryl began writing in Grade school as a young man. And in High school he loved world history and composition. As his children grew up he would write them morning devotions to inspire them for the day at hand. He did not know at that time that the Chapters of Life books were being developed. And now the Lord has given me several books, “The Chapters of Life“, “Concepts of Life“, and “Gaining Spiritual Life” . Daryl has also written three Children’s educational Books in the Traves Travlslot series that will have five books in it. His books are available at most book sellers.

Daryl considers himself a “servant of God”. Striving to do whatever He desires of him. And through the honor of being a published author, the ministries for Yahweh go around the world.

In the last two years, 2009 – 2010, I have been working as a missionary to the Tarapoto, Peru area in construction and ministry helps. I also went to Buenos Aires, Argentina to help in the works there in 2010. I plan to go back again in 2011.

Foregoing college to continue his fathers business, Daryl did all his own studies at home and by working on their personal computers. He has worked as an independent contractor since the purchase of his fathers company in 1979 and continues to work as a public servant. Many accomplishments have been made in his life since Jesus took full control of his life in 1990.

Daryl & Kandy are very active in their church. Daryl began as the song leader in their local church, and is a Senior Commander in Royal Rangers. With daily Bible study and prayer through the years, God exalted Daryl into a Christian Education Director in the church. Today, his “biggest” accomplishment is being saved through the blood of Jesus Christ”. Accomplishments: Being very active in sports. I love to golf, fishing, cooking, and being a husband/ father. Kandy and I enjoy driving around in the evenings to see the deer and animals of nature. We also enjoy plants and flowers landscaping our yard. With our dogs, Truman and Sandi, we keep good company.

We are also blessed with our cats. About 7-15 of them. They come and go as they please around the neighborhood. We will never be lonely as Kalley and Missy have kittens on a yearly basis which supplies the area farmers, ranchers, and children. We feed our cats in our metal shed and every cat in the neighborhood comes over for a midnight snack. It is amazing how many cats you can feed, but no mice. We also have chickens for farm fresh eggs.

– – –

Daryl’s Men’s Ministry group goes to the Steamboat Springs area every year for a week of fellowship and fishing. Here is his account of one trip.

“We decided to climb Hahn’s one day and weathered stormy weather all the way up”.
“We started in sunshine, then cold, then rain, then hail, then snow and extreme wind chill. As we got on top, the clouds began to break and a 14 band rainbow exploded right above us. It was a life changing event”.

I call this picture,”Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. It is recorded in the the book, “The Rainbows End” from the International Library of Photography on page 85.
I have been invited to several international photographers conventions but have not yet been able to participate”.