The Story of the Famous Traves Travlslot

Book the Story of the Famous Traves Travlslot

Book the Story of the Famous Traves Travlslot

The Story of the Famous Traves Travlslot
All along this trip Mr. Granger kept fairly close to Traves. He knew the dangers being out in the wild could produce. In his military life, Mr. Granger experienced very many unfriendly creatures. He learned if we do not pester and avoid them, they usually will not harm us.
Their adventure into the outback of Australia was a very interesting trip. Not only did they see animals, but they also saw deadly insects like the male Toowoomba Funnelweb spider. “The Funnelweb spiders are very deadly and should be left alone,” said the tour guide.
The whole family will enloy Traves Travslot’s wholesome, and informative adventure to the Outback. Great for enticing a youngster’s imagination, and designed for ages of three to 9 years of age. Parents and children will equally enjoy the reading this adventure to children of pre-school age.




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5 Star reviews of The Story of the Famous Traves Travlslot

An Exceptionally good book!
Daryl Worcester has written a book about the adventures of a ten-year-old boy named Traves Travlslot. Traves, along with his home school teacher, go on the journey of a lifetime and become world travelers. Traves witnesses first hand many of the places that most of us just read about in History books. Traves learns about the people of the countries that he visits and learns about their lives and customs as he experiences what our world is all about instead of what he has been told , or expected to believe, by others. The Story Of The Famous Traves Travlslot will warm you heart and help you to realize just how blessed we are to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, and will remind us to count our blessings and be thankful for what we have. I encourage you to acquire your copy of not only The Story Of The Famous Traves Travlslot by Daryl Worcester, but also the other books that are forth coming in this series, as I am sure that you will find each book a welcomed addition to your personal library.
Tom Ward, author

“Wherein the World is..?”
Traves Travlslot by Daryl Worcester. Once again Daryl Worcester has proven just how well he can write as he undertakes a series of children�s books that will be suitable for any school library anywhere. Daryl’s leading character is ten year old Traves Travlslot. Traves is bored with home schooling and is only alternative to boredom seems to be to help Ruby, his mother, house clean, for Ruby keeps the Travlslot mansion spotless without outside help. Trillian thinks there must be a better solution and after conferring with the homeschool teacher, Trillian makes plans for Traves. Thus begins the first of Traves’ adventures. This book is filled with facts that are entertaining, historical, and factual.
Without giving away the book let’s just say that Carmen Sandiago may be asking ” Where in the World is Traves Travlslot?” It can be an educational tool for the Geography and History Class of 4th and 5th graders. Well done Daryl . I sure hope this will be just the beginning of a great series.
I highly recommend this book to anyone and the cover is absolutely gorgeous! PublishAmerica I applaud Daryls graphic artist.
MaryEllen, Ky

The first of a series, The Story of the Famous Traves Travlslot, by Daryl D. Worcester, is an adventure into the world that is filled with wonder and understanding for a small boy. Traves will learn many things on the trip around the globe to many interesting and exotic places. Geography and history begin to take on the faces of the people living in these diverse places, and Traves begins to find many ways we are all alike, and some ways in which our lives are very different. Traves learns much on his journey, but one fact out shines them all, and it is the most important discovery that he finds. Imagination and learning go hand in hand in The Story of the Famous Traves Travlslot. Daryl D Worcester has written a winner and invited all children along for the ride.
Tim Donaldson –

A Childrens’ Story and More
Daryl has indeed written a childrens’ book (just as enjoyable to adults) that presents a story that will captivate children; teach them with solid yet not boring facts; presents amoral; and (this is important) will build a following for the subsequent volumes in the series. God’s blessing on you, Daryl, your stories, and those who read them.
Dennis A Beaudry A Meetingin the Air, 1-59286-998-X The State ofChristianity, 1-4137-2941-X