The Chapters of Life

Book The Chapters of Life

Book The Chapters of Life

The Chapters of Life
There are many problems surrounding people in today’s society. Everyone is looking for the correct answers to their problems. The only way to find the truth, is with the truth, and thus, The Chapters of Life were conceived. These are short letters concerning everyday life, using God’s Word as a guideline. As I was in prayer one day in December of 2003, the Lord began to inspire me to write. As titles to the letters came to me in all hours of the night, I could not wait to get up and write. I had the titles and as soon as I put them on paper, then the messages would come. Before I knew it there were several letters and as I read them over and over again, the Word became alive in them. With over 250 Bible verses, The Chapters of Life is for the person who loves the Word of God.


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Author provides helpful letters for the chapters of our lives.”

It has been a pleasure and a blessing to read Daryl Worcester’s The Chapters of Life. None of us are immune to the day to day troubles that face us. Some of us face them headlong without doubt or confusion and yet they don’t always turn out as we expect. Some of us seek help from loved ones or friends while others have an inner strength that seems to come from a higher power ( God ) and they, without fret or worry turn all their burdens over to Him.

Daryl Worcester seems to be one of those people who trusts in God explicitly and listens to God speaking to Him through His Word and through his meditation. From Daryl’s book The Chapters of Life it proves that Daryl takes everything to the Lord. And, relays God’s messages to Him throughout the book in what Daryl calls his letters to us. Written in short easy to understand chapters, Daryl treats the reader to a little humor in each one, but is solidly serious in his offer of help to us through each trial, lesson, or question facing us.
I find his letters or chapters all scripturally sound and very helpful. I Feel his desire in his quest to share the Word through his profound experiences in listening to the Lord and his relying upon the Holy Spirit for guidance as he wrote these wonderful letters.
I whole-heartedly suggest this book as a great book to help us spiritually in our day to day lives. This book would make a great daily devotional to read over and over as the messages will endure forever and will never grow old or change. They are endearing and life altering. I highly recommend it to anyone for an uplifting start or end to their day.
Mary E. of KY/USA, 2/3/2006 Author of In This Valley I Grew Coming Soon Poems, Prayers, and Promises of An Appalachian Woman
“An Apostle for Christ”

This is a book filled with the wisdom of an apostle for Christ, spilling over with the everyday knowledge and words of a man who loves his faith and shares it on every level of his life. “Chapters of Life” can be read one chapter at a time and meditated on throughout the day. Daryl’s letters are written to those who know God, are seeking to know him better, and to those who are searching for him. Imagine sitting down in your living room and having, without fear, a conversation about the ordinary things of life with the one who created you, came to earth to live, suffer, and die as one of you. That is what it felt like for me to read his letters to us in The Chapters of Life. Once I told a priest I had a lot of questions to ask God when I saw him. He simply said, “God can handle it.” Daryl handles the deep mysteries of life in much the same way as he does his work–with courage, strength, and gentle concern for all as he counsels, and guides them through the Scriptures in his letters. I wonder if St. Joseph counseled the Child in that way? I was also reminded of the time that a good Benedictine nun quoted the Ten Commandments to me backwards, as Daryl does in one chapter. When she came to the first and said I am the Lord thy God……… all the false gods I had previously worshiped (such as pretty dresses and boyfriends) dissolved in her eyes. Daryl’s chapter on the commandments had the same effect on me. When I think of the fishermen to whom Jesus called and told to follow him, I see Daryl right there with them pulling in the net, with its contents full and overflowing, and Jesus telling him, “From now on,you will catch men.”
Joyce Ann Edmondson, author of: “The Listening Tree” “Falling Petals”

“An Excellent book!”
Tom Ward, of Oklahoma, 11/17/2005
The Chapters of Life written by author Daryl Worcester, is one of the most uplifting, encouraging and inspirational books that I have read in a long time. It is evident from his book that Daryl Worcester has walked the pages of his book, as he so elegantly lays out the Chapters of his life. Author Daryl Worcester shares his thoughts, feelings and life’s experience that have always led him back to the source of his strength, Jesus Christ.
I highly recommend The Chapters of Life to anyone who may need a pick-me-up, a word of encouragement or the reinforcement that God is still on the throne and that Jesus Christ is the source of our strength.
Tom Ward, Christian author of: The Enemy Within, & Outposts of Hell or Portals to Heaven
“Delightful read with truth on display !”

“The Chapters of Life” by Daryl Worcester,
“Here, have a cup of coffee. Sit down on the couch. Better yet, let’s sit at the kitchen table and my wife will cut us a piece of her world famous apple pie. Then we can talk.” That’s pretty close to how you’ll feel while reading Daryl Worcester’s book, The Chapters of Life. An easy and enjoyable read where the author simply shares with the reader things that God has shown or told him.
Daryl expounds on such topics as the Bible, life, spiritual matters, and even a little good old common sense, just to name a few. He does so in short poignant chapters he prefers to call aptly “Letters”.
As an example, his humorous way of paraphrasing the Ten Commandments in Letter Seven had me laughing heartily yet acknowledging the truth he spells out in today’s language. I knew he wasn’t trying to be irreverent, but rather just talking out loud to me about how to live them day by day. Other Letters will get you thinking. Still other Letters will tap into your emotions as he shares his personal beliefs, perspectives, and disappointments as far reaching as the West Kansas plains in which Mr. Worcester lives.
Yes, you’ll laugh with Daryl. But you’ll grimace too, as he opens his heart and his life’s experiences—blemishes and all—to you in the hope of comforting your soul, lightning your burdens, and sharing his love of God. And all the while you’ll feel like you’ve just shared several relaxing hours with him in his boat, lines in the water, waiting for that prize bass to take a nibble—-not even knowing you’ve just received one of his greatest gifts—-one–on–one conversation.
The Chapters of Life is a testimonial to Daryl’s faith that seems to have been quite mature and rather perceptive right from the start when he first accepted Christ as Savior. Many of his insights reveal his depth of character and his sincerity of faith. Yet it’s casual style and West Kansas perspective is at times point-blank blunt. Sometimes we need that–and Daryl obliges with page after page, chapter after chapter of home-spun thinking and an upbeat outlook.
The Chapters of Life is not arrogant or condescending in anyway, but rather eyeball to eyeball with truth without a pulpit, fancy liturgical robe, or stuffed-shirt style. In other words, Daryl being Daryl–at times a little mischievous, and at other times being dead serious. Just like the way he puts his faith on display, The Chapters of Life is life or death choices in everyday living. Whether you read The Chapters of Life as a daily devotional or simply read it like a book, one thing will be evident right from the start; Mr. Worcester lets you know how the scriptures spoke to him and how they’ve affected his life. What more could you want from a good friend? Some quality time and some heartfelt conversation!
Dennis A. Beaudry, Columbus, Ohio, Christian author of A Meeting in the Air, and The State of Christianity.